Is there a need for pet sitters?

Yes, Professional pet sitters are needed everywhere, in every city, suburb and rural area where there are pets, including horses and farm animals! Pet owners that use a pet sitting service enjoy many benefits. Top benefit is the family pets are cared for in the comfort in their own home, this is especially important for senior pets and puppies, especially beneficial to the ones that are nervous and can not tolerate the kennels. Some pets need special accommodations, maybe with medications or arthritis and other ailment.  Pet sitters provide the personalized and professional attention that are required for these animals

Pet owners also enjoy the benefit of having their home visited, plants watered, security check performed, newspapers and/or mail brought in.  Professional pet sitters relieve the pet owner from having to rely on family members, friends or neighbors from taking on the added responsibility especially in the early morning hours or on the holidays and weekends.

Dog Walker Checklist

Before you leave your dog in the care of a dog walker, there are several important things your dog walker needs to know to keep your dog safe and healthy. Don’t forget to give this information directly to your dog walker or to leave it in an obvious place such as the refrigerator or on the counter with your house keys.
  • Emergency contact phone numbers
  • Veterinarian’s phone number and address
  • Dog’s allergy information
  • Secret key location or lock combination
  • Home security alarm code
  • Location of collar, leash, treats, doggie bags, and other walking necessities
  • Amount of food your dog eats, and feeding time
  • Your dog’s special tendencies

What is a pet sitter? 

Pet sitters are individuals that provide in home pet service and home care services. Some specialize in specific types of services such as cat sitting or exotic animal care. Most offer an array of general services useful to most pet owners that have different types of common domestic house pets.

Some of the services provided are listed:

  • Visit to the home, generally 20-30 minutes each visit, to care for the pet and the home while the owner is away.
  • Provide walks at midday or anytime that is best for the pet.
  • Provide security check of home, bring in mail, water plants, alternate lights, blinds and curtains.
  • Provide dog daycare, taking to special events or designated dog parks.
  • Pet Taxi services to doctor appointments, groomers or even doing your pets medication or grocery pick up.
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